/Renault Twingo RS 163 by K-Tec Racing

Renault Twingo RS 163 by K-Tec Racing

K Tec Racing Twingo 1 600x398 at Renault Twingo RS 163 by K Tec Racing

British tuner K-Tec Racing, an expert in turning warm hatchbacks into properly hot ones, announced a power upgrade package for the Renault Twingo RS 133 models. They call it the Twingo 163, and there is a clue. K-Tec’s Renault produces 163 bhp.

Now, 163 bhp may not sound like a lot – and it isn’t to be honest – but given the fact that the Twingo weighs only 1,050 kg, it plenty enough to have some serious fun. To get that extra 32bhp and 22 lb-f of torque out of Renault’s 16-valve, 1.6-litre VVT K4M engine, K-Tec has fitted it with a high performance tubular exhaust manifold and system, Cat Cams Stage 1 cams and a well developed ECU remap.

The engine now has a peak torque of 142 lb.ft (192 Nm), which is employed to make it faster and more agile, especially in between gears. Performance figures are yet to be announced, but K-Tec expects a healthy improvement over the 133’s standard 0 to 60 time of 8.7 seconds and top speed of 125 mph.

K-Tec Racing Renaultsport Twingo ‘163’ upgrade package is priced at £2625.60 including parts.

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