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Manchester United Cars Vs Chelsea Rides

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Monday evening will see massive Premiership rivals Manchester United and Chelsea battle at Old Trafford in an attempt to seize and early advantage in the title race. However, we’ll leave the football to the sports sites, and here at Motor Ward we’ll focus on the cars some of these players use to drive to training.


This could be either interesting or, if Premiership footballers still haven’t learnt what individuality means, just a list of different coloured Bentley Continental GTs.

Since Manchester United are hosting the match, we’ll kick off with some of their top players first.

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Wayne Rooney

This 27-year-old forward should keep to football and stop trying to be a racecar driver – to date he’s smashed up a Cadillac Escalade, crashed a £65,000 BMW, dented a Range Rover, and lost control of his £175,000 Aston Martin. He also just escaped a serious accident after he also lost control of his Lamborghini, where it ended up on its roof. Next car to meet its demise: Bentley Continental GT.

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Luís de Abreu Oliveira Anderson

Brazilian midfielder Anderson is another player lucky to survive a bad collision in a supercar. The 22-year-old and two passengers crashed in Anderson’s £125,000 Audi R8 – the R8 is a two-seater. It wasn’t too long after the R8’s flames had settled and the Audi was left an empty shell until Anderson shelled out for a white Mercedes SLS.

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Javier Hernandez

It seems Mexican forward Hernandez isn’t one for collecting cars, although he was lucky enough to receive this black Chevrolet Corvette as a gift from a new auto sponsor.

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Rio Ferdinand

This 34-year-old centre forward has his fair share of cars. Of course, there’s the accustomed footballers’ Bentley, an Aston Martin DB9, a Jaguar XJ (this car cost him a 6 month ban), a Cadillac Escalade exactly the same as Rooney’s, and this pink oddity… oh dear.

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Tom Cleverley

At least this Midfielder tried to be different to his teammates, as he splashed out £16,000 on new top-of-the-range gadgets making his Audi R8 different. He also has a gorgeous red and black Chevrolet Camero.

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Patrice Evra

French defender Evra also has a Camero but his is black. Add his SLS to his Audi Q7 and you have a footballer with taste.

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Robin Van Persie

Van Persie is a top striker who owns a Nissan Figaro, and for this reason I’m going to use it for the picture. The Dutchman also has a Porsche Cayenne and an Audi S5.

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Ryan Giggs

It seems like Giggs has been sprinting down the left since the game’s initial concept. His car collection includes the obvious Bentley, a boring Audi A6 and an even more predictable Range Rover – pots of cash, zero taste or flare.

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David de Gea

Having been given a choice of Chevrolets to choose from, Spanish goalkeeper de Gea decided to pick out the Captiva. Why? For someone who owns a red RS5 and a Mercedes SL 55 AMG, I have no idea.

Chelsea FC

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Frank Lampard

35-year-old midfielder Lampard has a decent set of car keys hanging in his kitchen. From his Audi Q7 to his stunning Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Lampard exceeds himself by making room for a Mercedes G Wagon and an Aston Martin DB9. Well done, son, an eclectic set of wheels.

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Ashley Cole

Cole is known for his inability to keep his hands to one woman, and not just any woman, but the lovely Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Tweedy. So what’s this bloke like with his cars? He has a nice Mercedes SL63 AMG, the Bentley and Range Rover (yawns), but I guess his James Bond-approved black Aston Martin DBS V12 makes up for the cliché slip.

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John Terry

Captain and centre back Terry has a vast car collection but he too owns the Range Rover Sport and Bentley. His other cars include an Aston Martin DBS V12, a Ferrari F430, a BMW X5 and Porsche 911 Turbo.

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Fernando Torres

Spanish striker Torres owns a rather basic Mercedes M Class – most likely a daily driver – but this gorgeous Aston Martin DBS takes up the other spot in his garage.

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Demba Ba

This striker is known for being tight after moving from Newcastle and ducking out of paying a car valet £40. After he had his ghastly gold Mercedes CL 6.3 AMG cleaned, he simply moved away. Embarrassing for Ba (not just being seen in his gold Merc) came when the valet tweeted him and it was bought to the media’s attention.

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Michael Essien

Ghanaian Essien is a midfielder with a good eye for power over style. His Porsche Cayenne wasn’t enough, so he had Gemballa tuners tune it for him. His Lamborghini Murcielago had to be the LP640 model too – now this is a petrolhead! My personal favourite out of all the players listed for his efforts in making a fast car faster.

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Petr Cech

6’ 5” goalkeeper Cech obviously loved German motors as he’s been seen driving in an Audi R8 and Q7. I always think your car mirrors your personality, so this guy is sensible, reliable and smart.

Who has the better cars? That’s subjective but I’ll say Manchester United win for originality and the fact Ferdinand goes out in public in that pink car. Who will win the match? Manchester United 3 Chelsea FC 1

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