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Mitsubishi Pajero by Vilner

Mitsubishi Pajero by Vilner 1 600x400 at Mitsubishi Pajero by Vilner

Vilner, the interior specialist for Bulgaria, has established themselves now as a fully-fledged tuner. They design body kits these days and can do pretty much what a high-end luxury tuner is capable of. With this good old Mitsubishi Pajero, though, they decided to stick to the interior.

Fair enough, seeing as there isn’t much you can do improve the looks of the Pajero anyway. This particular car uses some fancy headlight bezels, but all they manage is giving the car a horrifying look. The owner of this Pajero was more keen to perform overhaul in the cabin of his trusty old horse, and he came to the right people.

Vilner ripped away all the plastics and took out the seats and dashboard and carpets. After a deep rustproofing treatment and installing soundproofing material, they began covering almost every bit of the cabin with lush leather and Alcantara in brown and black, adorned with wood accents.

It was a huge job replacing all the original nasty plastic parts with these luxurious and high quality elements, so naturally, it ended up becoming very expensive. In fact, the cabin treatment is worth several times the price of the car! But it was money well-spent. The Mitsubishi Pajero by Vilner is as nice inside as a brand-new Range Rover or Porsche Cayenne.

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