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Stars And Their Ridiculous Cars

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When it comes to buying cars, possessing an endless amount of money combined with an inflated ego often leads to disaster – after all, everyone knows the saying, “Money can’t buy you taste”.

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Here at MotorWard we find this more than a little frustrating. We have a respect and passion for fast cars and understand what goes into designing and creating them, and then a celeb comes along with $1.5M and paints a Bugatti Veyron gold.

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Take Lamborghini, the automotive Gucci, the brand renowned for its outrageous styling and amazing technological feats. This Bull is one of the leading carmakers preferred by the celebrity. The Italian designers have put their heart and soul into every nut, bolt, cog and grommet, only for it land into the hands of a rapper.

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What exactly was Chris Brown thinking here? This Lambo looks like an exotic police car after a hot pursuit through a modern art exhibition.

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I love the black ‘murdered out’ look, and it does look great if applied correctly, like the Murder Nova pictured below. However, thanks to the celebrity and their need to out do everyone else, it’s suffered severe overkill. David Beckham and Justin Bieber are the main culprits, ensuring every car they buy is blacked out – Hey Bieber, who the hell ‘murders out’ a Smart car, for God’s sake?

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And if it wasn’t enough to possess enough money to fill an Olympic swimming pool, these beautiful people now feel the need to stroke their narcissistic egos by way of turning their rides into mobile mirrors. This latest trend has seen Americans take their love of chrome wheels and apply it to the entire car with expensive chrome paint. It’s certainly glitzy, but not only will it blind oncoming traffic, it also vanishes the car’s design features.

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I might sound a little snobby now, but I’m probably only saying what everyone else is thinking. If you are a professional sports athlete, music producer, or a rapper, straight outta tha hood, you shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a Rolls Royce. Okay, so they’ve earned their money and are entitled to do what they like with it, but when someone wearing baggy sports wear, sunglasses, white trainers and tattoos climbs behind what is the pinnacle of grandeur, opulence and elegance, it looks plain ridiculous.

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What is about to follow had me questioning my faith in the human race. This trend (if you can really call it that) is known as “donk(ing)” and can be seen in all its glory below. Everyone gets and likes big rims, but taking it this far is like finishing the Mona Lisa and deciding to stick milk bottle tops on for eyes.

(Journalist) – James is a published fiction and article writer from London (UK) with a serious penchant for Ferrari F1, anything with an engine, and English Pointers.