/Fleeing Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in New York

Fleeing Range Rover Runs Over Bikers in New York

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An annual bikers street ride meeting turns into a chaotic high speed chase when the driver of a Black Range Rover – for reasons yet unknown – runs a couple of riders down. He then tries to escape from the scene, but the heavy old Range Rover Sport is no match for those fast bikes.

This is the first video of the incident that made its way to the web. It may be disturbing for some people, so please keep that in mind before hitting the play button:

According to the video’s description, the incident left one rider dead and several injured. After fleeing from the scene of the first crash, the driver of the fleeing Range Rover runs over another biker who was giving chase. Ultimately, he hit the traffic, and other bikers, apparently, make a civilian arrest by smashing the car’s windscreen with their helmets. Sadly, the video ends there, so we got no further details. But stay tuned, as this story will surely develop over the next few hours.

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Police said yesterday that no one’s been arrested, but they’re still investigating what happened.

A NYPD spokesman also told that, according to the Range Rover driver:

A large number of motorcyclists were driving “erratically” and he “accidentally collided with one”.

NYPD spokesman also added that the driver drove off “to avoid an impending assault”.

The car driver (in his thirties), was taken to the hospital after suffering various cuts and bruises in his face and body after the bikers’ actions.

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