/Is the New Beetle R a Poor Man’s Porsche?

Is the New Beetle R a Poor Man’s Porsche?

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The sporty VW Beetle R concept which debuted in 2011 at the LA Auto Show has been given the green light for release in 2014. With so much info from VW, drivers can now obtain solid insight into what they can expect from this model. Amazingly, some think it might even be a competitor with some Porsche models!

What We Know About The Beetle R

After a long wait, the meaner VW Beetle “R” has been spotted on the road during testing. It is being reported that the prototype is wider and more aggressive looking than the concept revealed at the 2011 auto show.

For this model, VW is said to giving the Beetle R a few sportier features than previously expected. Spy shots reveal huge brakes and alloy wheels, very similar to those on the previous generation of the Golf R. The photographer that snapped the shots noted that the Beetle R test model had a very throaty exhaust, much deeper than the previous stock Beetle exhaust offered.

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Consumers can also expect to see larger air intakes on the fascia, a much bigger spoiler, and vertical vents running along the rear bumper. Many also expect to see a vented hood option, and quad tipped tailpipes.

Since the new Golf R models will carry a 300 horsepower, 2.0L turbo engine, many expect that the Beetle R will be powered by the same motor — this model will also be available in a four-wheel drive version as well.

How Does This Stack Up Against A Porsche?

Comparing anything to a Porsche is problematic, as your typical Porsche is anything but typical. However:

  • If the Beetle R is paired with the 300hp 2.0T, the ~3,000 lbs vehicle will have a horsepower-to-weight ratio that’s quite comparable to the base model Porsche Cayman coupe (nearly identical, in fact)
  • The wheelbase, curb weight, front and rear track, and overall dimensions of a Beetle R will be within an inch or two of the dimensions on a Cayman coupe, except the Beetle will be a few inches taller (nearly 60 inches tall compared to the Cayman’s height of 50 inches)
  • If the Beetle R is priced similarly to the Golf R, the asking price will likely fall between $35 and $40k. That’s $10-$15k less than a base model Cayman.

Stats and specs aside, there’s also reason to believe that a Beetle R would share the same high quality interior feel and finish of other Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche products. It may very well be that the Beetle R is a roomier and more affordable rival to the base Cayman coupe. Of course, just because the Beetle R is like a Porsche doesn’t mean it will actually be a Porsche, and as any Porsche enthusiast will tell you, that’s a world of difference.

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Still, if you’re in the market for a sporty coupe and considering a Porsche Cayman, it might be wise to go check out the new Beetle R when it hits the ground in late 2014.

Jason Lancaster thinks the Beetle R is a nice alternative to the Porsche and hopes to see it soon. He works with VW Parts Vortex, a site that sells OEM VW parts online. Check it out here.

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