/Range Rover Sport to Take on the ‘Empty Quarter’

Range Rover Sport to Take on the ‘Empty Quarter’

RR RRS Empty Quarter 1 600x400 at Range Rover Sport to Take on the ‘Empty Quarter’

We are pretty certain that 99 percent of the Range Rover models sold will end up cruising the high streets of places like Dubai, Los Angeles, and Moscow. Still, Land Rover is adamant to maintain the brand’s image as tough and off-roady in their publicity stunts.

So the poor new Range Rover Sport is being sent on a hard and treacherous journey to boast a quality of the car nobody really cares about. It is set to take on the ‘Empty Quarter’ right in the middle of the Arabian Desert.

Moi Torrallardona, a 47 year-old Spanish off-road racer with extensive experience of the Dakar Rally, is trusted with the job of driving a standard production Range Rover Sport from dusk till dawn across the 650,000km sq of hostile, unforgiving desert to complete a 1000 km solitary rally from Wadi Adda Wasir, Saudi Arabia to the finish line on the border of the United Arab Emirates.

RR RRS Empty Quarter 2 600x400 at Range Rover Sport to Take on the ‘Empty Quarter’

Besides sheer vastness, the Empty Quarter in the Arabian Peninsula poses other threats to one’s well-being, including high climate, no reliable water source, ever-changing ground, and probably some vicious desert creepy crawlies. Even though the challenge will take place in November,  Moi and his RR Sport has to be ready for temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius in the day.


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