/Volvo FL Truck Takes on Bulls in “The Chase”

Volvo FL Truck Takes on Bulls in “The Chase”

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Viral videos may not seem like a good way promoting a large commercial truck, but Volvo has been using this trick for a while now with good results, as they keep making more. Previous stunts like the Ballerina, The Hook, and the one in which a hamster drives the truck have led to this, The Chase.

The Chase shows a 12-tonne Volvo FL truck escaping from a herd of angry bulls through the narrow streets of the medieval Spanish town of Ciudad Rodrigo. Precision driver Rob Hunt had got his work cut out to maneuver this beast around without wrecking the whole town, but he pulled it off.

The film is directed by Oscar-nominated Henry Alex Rubin, who together with a crew of 250 people and 28 cameras including an octocopter and a 360° camera captured the live event:


During the test in Ciudad Rodrigo, the truck had to maintain a speed of at least 30 kilometres an hour just to keep ahead of the bulls. In certain sections of the course the streets were so narrow that Rob Hunt had to tuck in his rear-view mirrors. The end result of all this efforts is a pretty awesome spectacle though. It won’t necessarily help Volvo sell more FLs, but it will certainly expand its fan base.

“The biggest risk was that we were in a town. It was live and we had to make sure that it was safe for both people and animals. With the big rear mirrors I had a good view of the bulls and the bull runners behind me so I could keep a good safe distance,” says Rob Hunt.

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