/Jaguar Spoofs Mercedes-Benz Chicken Commercial

Jaguar Spoofs Mercedes-Benz Chicken Commercial

Jaguar vs Chicken 600x337 at Jaguar Spoofs Mercedes Benz Chicken Commercial

A while ago Mercedes-Benz released a rather clever TV spot explaining the benefits of their Magic Body Control System using some chickens. It was a pleasant thing to watch and therefore got some serious hits on the web. That didn’t sit well with Jaguar, apparently, as they came up with their own chicken commercial – a parody of the original.

The message here is very simple. Jaguar believes that Mercedes’ efforts in making their cars more comfortable using stuff like Magic Body Control is fruitless. Because they are going to be eaten by cars with cat-like reflexes, literally:

Jaguar’s feline character may have given their cars better handling than rivaling Merc models, but the Brit have come under some heavy criticism for getting a bit carried away, making cars that are unnecessarily stiff and needlessly uncomfortable. Merc’s Magic Body Control is the latest evolution of their Active Body Control suspension system that using electro-hydraulic self-adjusting dampers provide a smooth ride and flat cornering. On the downside, they don’t deliver much in the way of ‘feel.’


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