/Rendering: 2014 BMW M3 Touring

Rendering: 2014 BMW M3 Touring

2015 BMW M3 Touring Render 600x337 at Rendering: 2014 BMW M3 Touring

Unlike Audi and Mercedes who are quite happy to make super-hot estate cars, BMW has always been reluctant to put a big engine in a wagon car. There have been occasional M5 Tourings, but they never seemed to like this idea. Here’s a nice rendering that shows how awesome a Touring version of the new M3 would be.

There is a logical argument that says if you are going for a car with four-doors, you might as well get an estate because it is hugely more practical. Now, estates (or wagon or touring or whatever you want to call them) are inherently uncool because of their function: ferrying lots of stuff around. And where is the fun in that. But if you put a big engine in it and make very fast, that argument will no longer hold water.

With a car like this you get the practicality, and the speed. It will be functional and fun. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. And as for the looks, well, just look at this rendering. Doesn’t it look great?

The new M3, which is the sedan version of the hottest 3 Series, is powered by a 425 horsepower in-line six turbo engine that comes with either a six-speed manual, or a seven-speed M-DCT dual-clutch affair. This car in estate form would give the Audi RS4 and Mercedes C63 AMG Wagon a bloody good run for their money.

Rendering by XTomi Design


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