/Convertible Range Rover Spotted in Dubai

Convertible Range Rover Spotted in Dubai

Convertible Range Rover 600x372 at Convertible Range Rover Spotted in Dubai

We are certain you remember the Range Rover Convertible by NCE we featured a while back. I mean one cannot forget such monstrosity. Now looks like somebody’s actually bought one, as a version of the car was recently spotted strolling down a motorway in Dubai.

In fairness though, there is a sure of saying it is the same NCE Convertible Range Rover. It could very well be the work of a local tuner. In any case, the end result looks very tragic; like a Range Rover that has its roof nicked. And if you think it looks bad with the roof off, you have to see it with the canvas top in place. It becomes utterly dreadful.

There is a reason why car makers do not try the convertible SUV thing. It doesn’t really work. And if you try to make it work you’ll end up with something ghastly like this, or worse, with something like the Nissan Murano CrossCabrio which frankly makes Frankenstein’s monster look pretty. That is also why Range Rover themselves are reluctant to put the Evoque Convertible into production.

Picture via Autojunk.nl  

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