/Evo Gets a Taste of Porsche 911 GT1

Evo Gets a Taste of Porsche 911 GT1

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Porsche 911’s rich history is full of fascinating tidbits with some truly amazing models that made a huge impact upon their arrival, and stayed in the memory of car lovers because nothing that followed was as impressive. One of the most amazing 911 derivatives is, without a doubt, the Porsche 911 GT1; a car that most of you may have not even heard of, because it belongs to the pre-internet era.

Do not despair though, as Evo’s Henry Catchpole got the chance to sample a GT1 recently and he is nice enough to let us know what it was like:

The GT1 Henry drives here is the road-going model or straßenversion. The GT1 was conceived as a Le Mans racer and the only reason they made the road-going versions was because of the rules which required a street legal version. The 600 horsepower monster may be called a 911, but the truth is it shares very little with the 911 of the time. For starters, the twin-turbo flat-six engine in the GT1 is mounted in the middle rather than the back. What’s more, the front-end comes from a 993, while the rear-end is a revised version of the 962’s. Regardless of ingredients, the end result was nothing short of spectacular.

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