/Mercedes B-Class Fuel Cell Water Challenge with Diane Kruger

Mercedes B-Class Fuel Cell Water Challenge with Diane Kruger

dian kruger b class 600x335 at Mercedes B Class Fuel Cell Water Challenge with Diane Kruger

Fuel cell vehicles, as some of you may know, come with their own onboard electricity generator which feeds the electric motor that powers the car. The cell uses hydrogen as fuel, and combines it with oxygen to create electric. The byproduct of this process is H2O, or water.

Now, Mercedes came up with an elaborate challenge to promote this rather nice feature of the fuel cell vehicles. They sent a Mercedes B-Class Fuel Cell – fitted with a system that gathers the water vapor emitted from the tailpipes and turns into liquid water – to the Death Valley. The passengers had to rely for two days on the water produced by the car.

Oh, and since Americans never pay attention to anything unless there is a celebrity involved, the passengers sent with the car were Diane Kruger (Inglorious Bastards) and her partner Joshua Jackson (Fringe).

OK, this is only a publicity stunt. And yes, we only watched it to see close-ups of Diane Kruger. You can’t really use a fuel cell vehicle as your water supply. But that fact that the only emission from these systems is water is just amazing. You can’t get much greener than this. What’s more, unlike plug-in electric cars, refueling a fuel cell vehicle takes about 3 to 4 minutes. That is, of course, if you have access to a hydrogen fuel station.


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