/McLaren P1 In-Depth Review by Chris Harris

McLaren P1 In-Depth Review by Chris Harris

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There you go ladies and gentlemen, the McLaren P1 review you’ve all been waiting for! Chris Harris went to the United Arab Emirates to make this piece, but it was totally worth it, as he took the deepest, most thorough look at the new British hyper car, and managed to relate most of to us in the video you will be seeing after the jump.

The review starts with a long chat with McLaren’s chief test driver Chris Goodwin, continues with a road test of the car on the street of Abu Dhabi, and concludes with a few laps of the Yas Marina circuit. The car Chris drives in this test is a rather tired pre-production prototype with over 40K miles on the clock.


McLaren P1 most important highlights:

  • Aero-led design produces more downforce than any other production road car
  • 916PS (903 hp) generated by 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine coupled to an electric motor gives tremendous power and instant throttle response with an electronically limited top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph)
  • Active ride height, and aerodynamics work with large adjustable rear wing to give ground effect suction and optimised downforce
  • IPAS (Instant Power Assist System) and DRS (Drag Reduction System) offer instant boost of power and straight-line speed
  • The MonoCage is one of the lightest carbon fibre full-body structures used in any road car to date, weighing 90kg. This weight includes the roof and lower structures, roof snorkel, engine air intake cavity, battery and power electronics housing
  • MonoCage chassis includes fibres more than five times the strength of the best grade titanium, and includes the use of Kevlar
  • 0 to 300 km/h in less than 17 seconds – five seconds quicker than the legendary McLaren F1
  • To maintain exclusivity, production will be strictly limited to 375 units

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