/Legend: Maybach 62 with One Million Kilometers on the Clock

Legend: Maybach 62 with One Million Kilometers on the Clock

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The main reason Maybach went out of business was that rich people who could afford its price tag didn’t seem to like it very much. A few rappers and music moguls bought it, but they quickly got bored with its lack of specialness, for lack of a better word. Most of them switched to the Rolls-Royce Phantom. But there was one gentleman in Germany who absolutely adored his Maybach 62.

In fact, Josef Weikinger of Lichtenstein went on to clock more than one million kilometers with his car. The businessman obviously travelled a lot, because that’s a helluva leg work for a car, any car, despite the fact that he’s owned it since 2004.

The life of this million-km Maybach 62 has not been always trouble-free, though. Naturally for a car that’s done so many kilometers, a few of its components had to be changed; the engine, for example. In fairness though, the engine had to be replaced after 600,000 km. Other bits and bobs that went south include the shocks, the gearbox, and some of the electrical system. The car must have chewed through a lot of tires as well.

Despite what it seems at first – that the story of this Maybach is a testament to the quality of the car and how it was loved and cherished by its owner – it probably does the car’s reputation more harm than good. It sends out the message that the only type of guys who liked the Maybach are fedora-wearing old businessmen.

After doing over a million kilometers in his Maybach – the odometer actually stopped counting after 999,999 km – Herr Weikinger finally decided to let go of his beloved 62 and replaced with… a BMW 760.

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