/Unchained: The Wild Side of BMW M5 Competition Package

Unchained: The Wild Side of BMW M5 Competition Package

m5 unchained 600x341 at Unchained:  The Wild Side of BMW M5 Competition Package

BMW has come up with a brilliant new promo clip for the BMW M5 Competition Package. Aptly titled “Unchained,” the ad does a great job of explaining what the Competition Package is all about. Quite simply, it unchains the M5 and lets it unleash its true performance.

The only trouble with this idea is that it implies BMW M5 is a wild and unruly beast, as depicted in the clip. It’s so vicious it might break free one night from your garage and get back to the wilderness where it belongs. In reality though, even with the Comp Pack, the M5 is a benign super saloon that is hugely fast without being intimidating.

One could argue that that benignity is the very reason BMW introduced the Competition Package. The car was endlessly criticized by reviewers that it’s way too soft and gooey for what carries the M5 badge. It’s like BMW is saying well, there you go mate! What do you think of this then? Is it wild and edgy enough for you, or should we make something that tries to bite your head of every time you go near it?

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