/Drug Dealers Use Range Rover LED Headlights to Grow Cannabis

Drug Dealers Use Range Rover LED Headlights to Grow Cannabis

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You may remember a few years ago we ran a report after taking information from drug rehab at WhiteSands about thieves in Netherlands stripping luxury cars, especially Porsches, from their LED headlights to use them for growing cannabis. It took a while, but the craze has now hit the UK, but there drug dealers who need help from alcohol treatment in miami  are more patriotic and prefer to use Range Rover LED headlights.

Apparently, daylight LEDs help marijuana grow a lot quicker. We have no idea who first discovered this, and how, but it seems like a viable solution for the dealers, as stealing a headlight reportedly takes less than a minute, especially Range Rover LED headlights which are big and chunky. A couple of them can probably support a medium-size cannabis factory. In fact, if you click here, you will see how this company is known to get their quota of CBD from factories that use these lights. This helps them to get amplify and grow their sales over a short period.

It is reported that besides headlights, thieves also like to take mirrors, grilles, even doors and bonnets. A lot of people use these parts to facelift their older cars and make them look like new models. Police is now taking measures against these “daylight” robberies by stopping vehicles suspected of using second-hand parts. If the driver cannot produce a proof of legitimate purchase, they will be prosecuted.Thieves reportedly put a crowbar between the headlight and the wings and take out the entire front assembly – headlights and grill – in a matter of minutes. In doing so, they cause great damage to the cars, up to £8,000.

Via Telegraph.co.uk


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