/Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe “Performance Art” Spot

Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe “Performance Art” Spot

Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe Performance Art 600x376 at Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe Performance Art Spot

In the latest TV spot for the S63 Coupe, Mercedes and AMG show off a literary flair you wouldn’t expect from the makers of cars often criticized for being too yobbish and loud and showoffy. Called “Performance Art”, the new ad describes the virtues of the S63 Coupe in a poem that likens the car to vicious beast.

In many ways the Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe is the most sophisticated car they make. It is based on the S-Class, which means it is extremely civilized and elegant, but it has an AMG heart, which means it can get down and dirty if you want it to.

Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe “Performance Art” poem exclusively written for AMG by Betty Stewart:

Darkness has a companion tonight.
Small creatures prick ears and tremble with fright.
A sleek velvet phantom is making its way
through shadows, eyes gleaming. It´s searching for prey.

Masterful strides on dark forest tracks.
The prince of the jungle is poised to attack.
His muscles a-ripple, his heart pumping fast
the spectre, he´s ready, his appetite vast.

Feline musk impregnates the air.
Razor-sharp teeth are suddenly bared.
Like lightning he pounces, like thunder his roar
a sound full of power, great might to the fore.

Darkness´ embrace caresses the cat.
The growl is replaced, a purr in its stead.
All sated the phantom is slinking away
As dawn´s pearly light prepares a new day.


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