/Ouch! McLaren F1 MSO Crashed in Italy

Ouch! McLaren F1 MSO Crashed in Italy

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With all the attention the new McLaren P1 is getting these days, it seems McLaren F1s are getting depressed and some of them have become suicidal! This unique McLaren F1 MSO tried to kill itself, and its passengers, yesterday in Italy.

The white F1 with special MSO options and paint job was on its way to a McLaren tour Pomarance when it decided to let go. The car apparently fell of a slightly steep hill and was stopped after it hit a tree. Judging by the pictures, the impact has been rather severe, but fortunately the driver and the passenger escaped with minor injuries.

The owner of this McLaren F1 MSO may have escaped unscathed, but he may suffer a heart attack after he sees the repair bill. F1s these days change hands for millions of Euros and they are extremely expensive to maintain, let alone repair – or in this case rebuild.

McLaren F1 has a reputation for being a handful. After all, this car belongs to the era where electronic systems like traction control and ESP where still ideas in somebody’s head. And it has a 670 horsepower V12 engine. If you want to drive this car fast, you have to be prepared for the consequences.

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