/2015 Mercedes CLS Gets MULTIBEAM LED Headlights

2015 Mercedes CLS Gets MULTIBEAM LED Headlights

2015 Mercedes CLS 0 600x376 at 2015 Mercedes CLS Gets MULTIBEAM LED Headlights

As is usually the case with new Mercedes-Benz models, the company starts their teasing campaign by boasting about the model’s new technical features. So even though this piece is about the virtues of best LED headlights, count it as your first look at the 2015 Mercedes CLS facelift.

The founder of the four-door coupe segment will return later this year in its 2015 modelyear guise, featuring a refreshed design and a host of new comfort, convenience and safety gear. One particular feature of the 2015 Mercedes CLS they are very proud of is the MULTIBEAM LED headlights which are said to be the best of their kind.

They are no laser lights, but with 24 individually controlled high-performance LEDs and the ability to automatically adjust themselves depending on the driving condition, they are almost as good. The system comes with a camera positioned behind the windscreen that delivers the information with which four control units the ideal light pattern 100 times per second. It works in tandem with the Intelligent Light System’s previous functionality. Another awesome feature is navigation-based roundabout light function, which does what it says on the tin.

Nothing else has been revealed on the specs or the looks of 2015 Mercedes CLS. But if the rest of the car is as good as its lights, it’s going to be a winner.



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