/Brand-New BMW M4 Wrecked Beyond Recognition

Brand-New BMW M4 Wrecked Beyond Recognition

Brand New BMW M4 Wrecked 0 600x400 at Brand New BMW M4 Wrecked Beyond Recognition

This is almost certainly the very first BMW M4 to be totaled, and it is rather sad because this car was also one of the first ones delivered. The new M4 has just begun reaching its customers in Germany, and, well, one of them has already been destroyed.

The owner, reportedly a 20-year-old, could fix his wrecked BMW M4 is he wants to, but it requires the following items: engine, radiator, two axles, brake sets, suspension components, two wings, two headlights, bonnet, bumper, air bags, and…

So yes, it’s probably best to scrap the car and sell it as parts; a high price to pay for not being able to control the car while speeding through a corner. We assume the car’s electronic safety systems were switched off at the moment of the accident.

The driver of this wrecked BMW M4 suffered only minor injuries.

TZ.de via WCF

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