/Blacked-Out Mclaren SLR on Forgiato Wheels

Blacked-Out Mclaren SLR on Forgiato Wheels

SLR on Forgiato 0 600x392 at Blacked Out Mclaren SLR on Forgiato Wheels

As much as we are fond of the new breed of hyper cars, there is something strangely attractive about the super cars that came out in the early years of the 21st century that the new boys just can’t match. Cars like the Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, and the McLaren SLR – they are a lot cooler now than their modern counterparts.

Knowing that, the owner of this Mercedes McLaren SLR decided to treat his beloved supercar with some visual modifications. So he went to Forgiato Wheels and asked for a set of sexy wheels that would match the black on black theme he wanted.

Forgiato hooked up the mean SLR with a set of Undice-ECL rims in matte black. The SLR is a very usable supercar and the new wheels don’t take away any of that usability. They come in a proper size and give the car enough clearance to negotiate speed bumps without getting scratched and bruised.

This McLaren SLR Roadster also gets yellow brake calipers, heavily tinted windows, and fully blacked-out lights.

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