/Vertu to Build Bentley Smartphone

Vertu to Build Bentley Smartphone

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Bentley has a long history of collaborating with high-end luxury brands. Some say they make more money selling these branded stuff than they do selling cars. Breitling for Bentley watches is a good example in support of this argument. Now they are turning their attention to smartphones, and announced a new partnership with Vertu.

Vertu, for those of you who don’t know, is a maker of ultra-luxury phones and accessories. Apart from an exquisite design, Vertu phones boast high-end, exotic materials like carbon and leather – and in some cases gold and diamond – and therefore cost a fortune. That makes them the perfect brand for a Bentley Smartphone.

Set to launch in October, the Bentley Smartphone will encompass authentic and iconic Bentley design elements and luxury lifestyle services. It will be slim, and feature stereophonic acoustics and superb imaging. Apart from that they haven’t revealed any details about the specs of the phone. Not that it matters really, because buying a Vertu for its features is like dating a supermodel because she is a good conversationalist.

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Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors, said: “Bentley’s new partnership with Vertu brings together two world-leading brands defined by their commitment to performance, luxury and customer experience. The collaboration expands Bentley’s luxury range into the cutting-edge world of mobile communications and offers customers a new way to experience the world of Bentley.”

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