/Ferrari 458 Speciale Driver Goes Nuts on Public Roads

Ferrari 458 Speciale Driver Goes Nuts on Public Roads

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It is hard to contain yourself when you are in possession of a super car with 600 horsepower and a chassis that feels like it was tuned by the gods. That’s why there are track days, enabling people with fast cars to explore the limits of grip to their heart’s content. The owner of this Ferrari 458 Speciale, though, couldn’t wait to get to the track and let it rip on public roads.

Powerslides, jumps, revs, overtakes… this one minute video has them all. It’s not just the car. The driver of this 458 is also special… specaile needs!

We have no intention of encouraging this kind of behaviors on public roads, but if you have the skills and know what you’re doing, you could make people’s day with performances like this. After all, lots of people pay for car events where they can watch exotic cars do crazy things. This Specaile offered this service for free.

Video by Marchettino

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