/Non-Runner BMW i8 Display Car Takes eBay by Strom

Non-Runner BMW i8 Display Car Takes eBay by Strom

BMW i8 Display Car 1 600x399 at Non Runner BMW i8 Display Car Takes eBay by Strom

BMW i8 has a fairly reasonable price tag for what it is as a super-advanced hybrid sports car. The car starts from $130,000 MSRP, but some dealers are said to be asking up to $100 more than that due to the car’s limited production and long waiting list.

That is probably why this BMW i8 display car has generated such massive interest on eBay. This thing is essentially a fiberglass model of the i8 that is hollow inside. But even so, people are bidding on it like crazy. It has already gone past $19,000, which is more than what some new cars cost.

It is only a matter of time before some industrious mechanic puts this body shell on the running gear of a second-hand Mazda or Toyota and sells it as a kit car. Mind you, the doors apparently don’t open and it has no interior. Perhaps this BMW i8 display car would work better as an eye candy. It certainly looks cooler than what passes as artwork these days!

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