/Clever TV Spot for BMW M3 – See If You Get It

Clever TV Spot for BMW M3 – See If You Get It

m3 tv spot 600x322 at Clever TV Spot for BMW M3 – See If You Get It

BMW is not renowned for making particularly great TV spots. They are far better at print ads and billboards, as we’ve seen a couple of times during the period they had a ‘beef’ going on with Audi. Now BMW USA has come up with a rather clever ad for the BMW M3, emphasizing on its lightness.

To help you get what this ad is all about, we should point out it is called ‘Puddle’, and there’s a clue.


Despite what is advertised here, 2015 BMW M3 is no featherweight. Well, unless you are so used to heavy stuff that you consider 3,540 lbs or 1,600 kg to be light. A lot of that weight is due to the mandatory safety systems that all modern cars are burdened with these days. I, for one, would trade safety for lightness and performance gain any day. But car makers don’t really care about a few knuckleheads, do they! They have to consider the big picture. So it’s fair enough.

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