/Ferrari F12 Berlinetta by Mcchip-DKR

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta by Mcchip-DKR

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta by Mcchip 0 600x400 at Ferrari F12 Berlinetta by Mcchip DKR

A lot of the experts in this business of ours agree that the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is too powerful for its own good. The thing has 740 horsepower and the ability to reach 350+ km/h. But it is so nervous and twitchy you don’t dare open it up properly.

Still, some mental F12 owner decided not only he can handle the power, he actually needs more of it. So he went to Mcchip-DKR workshop and asked them to do their thing on the Ferrari. Four hours later, the power output had gone up from the standard 740PS / 690Nm to 768PS/ 731 Nm courtesy of DKR’s special ECU mapping.

Judging by the stickers on the back of this Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, the owner is a keen track day enthusiast, so it makes sense why he needed more power. But we can’t help but think that 770 horsepower makes the F12 even more of a handful than before. And to think he’s going to be use it on the race track… scary!

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