/Mercedes CLK GTR on Sale for 1.9 Million Euros

Mercedes CLK GTR on Sale for 1.9 Million Euros

Mercedes CLK GTR 0 600x400 at Mercedes CLK GTR on Sale for 1.9 Million Euros

One of the only 26 Mercedes CLK GTR models in the world is now up for grabs, but its price tag is simply eye-watering. The super rare hyper car can be yours for 1.9 million Euros. That’s a lot, but you can take solace in the fact that it was ‘only’ 1.5 million Euros when it was new.

Actually, you can’t take solace in that. That means the car is rather slow to appreciate. But that doesn’t matter, because if you buy this bad boy you will own a piece of automotive history.

Mercedes CLK GTR was first developed as a Le Mans race car and seeing that back then rules and regulations called for a number of road-going models, the street version was developed by Daimler. Good news, or rather bad news, was that the changes were minimal. The car maintained it cramped cabin and most of the racing paraphernalia it was born with, which of course made it hard to live with. But the GTR also maintains the V12 engine, which in street version was tuned to 600 horsepower.

Mercedes also made six roadster version of the CLK GTR. They cost as much as a Beverly Hills mansion these days.

Via SupercarKids

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