/Gallery: Mercedes GLA 45 AMG in the Woods

Gallery: Mercedes GLA 45 AMG in the Woods

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On paper, Mercedes GLA 45 AMG seems like a pointless car. It is a jacked-up, slightly uglier, and more expensive version of the A45 AMG hatchback. It’s a high-performance crossover that it neither here nor there. Mercedes, obviously, disagrees. 

To put the capabilities of the GLA 45 AMG into perspective, Mercedes-Benz USA recently sent the car along with a photographer to the countryside. The journey celebrated the end of summer by testing the GLA 45’s capabilities in dealing with rough ground – very light rough ground, but rough ground nonetheless!

The low riding front spoiler of Mercedes GLA 45 AMG makes it useless in tackling serious off-road courses, and its low-profile tires will cause it to surrender to the environment as soon it encounters some wet grass or mud. Then again, the GLA 45 AMG is built for use on the road. It’s a performance-minded crossover.

That’s true, but there is a problem with that argument. On the road the useless ground clearance which is of no good use in the woods has negative effect on the car’s handling. Don’t even think about driving this thing like you would an A45. It just won’t work.

As for the things the GLA 45 has going for it, well, you can’t deny how impressive that 2.0 liter, 360 horsepower AMG engine is. It also has a communing driving position which many people love, and even though it is not exactly pretty, the car does have an unusual design that can be charming.

Photos by Andrew Link Photography via Mercedes-Benz USA

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