/UK’s Most Unreliable Car Imagined, Dubbed ‘Horrific 40RR0R’

UK’s Most Unreliable Car Imagined, Dubbed ‘Horrific 40RR0R’

Horrific 40RR0R 600x348 at UK’s Most Unreliable Car Imagined, Dubbed ‘Horrific 40RR0R’

Halloween is all about scary stuff – and ridiculous costumes – and apparently there is nothing scarier to the Brits than an unreliable car! Warranty Direct took their time to imagine what this car would be like by listing the most unreliable parts according to its unique Reliability Index.

This ‘nightmare’ car which is officially called Horrific 40RR0R is a Frankenstein’s monster of the least reliable parts, put together in an unsightly package that will break down every time you drive and cost an average of £550 to repair every time.

Some of parts included in this imaginary unreliable car come as no surprise. For instance, it kind of makes sense fort the braking system of a Fiat Multipla to be rubbish, or for the steering system of a Chrysler 300C to not work properly. But some of the choices come as a shock. The engine, for example, comes from a BMW M5, and the axle and suspension from an Audi RS6. These are cars one would consider as bulletproof German machines, but apparently they have scored daily low in the Reliability Index.

According to Warranty Direct, almost two fifths of Audi RS6s require a trip to the workshop to repair axle and suspension components each year, and a quarter of BMW M5s require repairs to their engines. The table below lists the other severely unreliable parts featured in the Horrific 40RR0R:

Make and Model Car part  
BMW M5 Engine
Audi RS6 Axle and Suspension
Jeep Grand Cherokee Gearbox
Mercedes-Benz R-Class Electrics
Fiat Multipla Braking system
SEAT Alhambra Air-conditioning
Chrysler 300C Steering system
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