/Why Used Honda Civics Are The Perfect Blank Canvas For Car Lovers

Why Used Honda Civics Are The Perfect Blank Canvas For Car Lovers

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So there’s you – in search for a car that’s reliable, stylish and within your budget range. You’ve tried to look on the lot for something that fits your price, but anything even remotely close is thousands more than you’re willing to pay. The salesmen at the used car lots are way too pushy for your liking and none of their models have peaked your interest. So you’re done for, right? No new car for you.

Maybe a few decades ago that would be the case, but a popular and incredibly viable option these days is to purchase either new or new-to-you vehicles off online websites. If you’re looking for a reliable ride that you can modify to your heart’s content, you can’t go wrong with a used Honda Civic. This model has been the perfect blank canvas for many people’s souped-up and accelerated custom-built cars for years, due to its impressive engine power and lightweight build. In fact, it’s one of the most popular cars to modify in the world. If you want to buy a car you’ll be proud to make your own, a Honda Civic can save you thousands and you’ll still be able to drive it fast and furious.

Half the fun of owning a customized car is tuning it to your liking. If you have bad associations of the Honda Civic as a car your parents drove while you were a baby, certain models like the Accord Coupe or Civic SI can be ultra-stylish rides in the right hands. Consider custom modifications like a new paint job, tinted windows, used chrome rims (which can be brought from the same online classified sites) and a carbon fiber hood. Your car can be stylish, affordable and powerful – and you can get what you need without a pushy salesman in your face. Dealing with online sellers directly means that you have the upper hand. You can negotiate and compare and contrast prices with just a click of a button. If you’re in the greater Toronto area, used Honda Civics can be found anywhere between $1,200 and $18,000. From just a quick search (for example you can check out http://www.kijiji.ca/b-gta-greater-toronto-area/honda-civic/k0l1700272) options vary between a 1991 ex-model Honda, 2003 2-door and a brand-new 2013 Honda Civic Coupe EX 5AT (still under warranty until 2018). And that’s just from a quick glance.

When it comes to your car, the sky’s the limit. There are tons of aftermarket parts that can be purchased online or at local body shops. Some car enthusiasts have added a cold air intake system for a faster engine, suspension systems to better handle curves on the road and a custom exhaust system to increase the flow throughout. You can also swap the engine out for a more powerful motor, change the car’s interior for timeless leather seats and design a custom body kit or accent panels to make the car even more weightless and easy to control on the road.

Whether you’re using your new tricked out Honda Civic for car racing, long distance driving or just tooling around town, both its natural and custom-made assets make it a car you’ll love to drive. If you purchase it online, the money you save can be sunk into really making the car your own. Don’t settle for a car you’ll merely tolerate, create a vehicle that’s a pleasure to own.

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