/Kia Sorento Wolverine Unveiled for X-Men Movie

Kia Sorento Wolverine Unveiled for X-Men Movie

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Kia’s top brass must have a strong love for comic books, because they are always the first to jump at the opportunity to create car for promoting these stories. After doing a good job with the justice league of America, they have no turned their attention to the X-Men series with the Kia Sorento Wolverine.

This car is a mere promotional tool designed and built in collaboration with 20th Century Fox Studios to create some hype for the DVD release of X-Men: Days of Future Past. So no, it is not starring in any upcoming movie as Hugh Jackman’s company car.

They have done a good job making it look like Jackman’s character, though. Kia Sorento Wolverine is based on the latest 2016 model and features a black paint job as well as signature claws on the front and rear of the car. X-Men fans will also notice cues from other characters as well.

Jackman the Wolverine being an Australian actor, Kia is also going to showcase this car at the Australian Open 2015 tournament of which Kia is a main sponsor. Apparently there is going to be some sort of side story to the event in which the X-Men and Rafael Nadal in the Kia X-Car will save the tournament from robotic antagonists hellbent on messing it all up.

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