/Rendering: BMW X6M Convertible

Rendering: BMW X6M Convertible

x6m cabrio 600x332 at Rendering: BMW X6M Convertible

Nope, X-Tomi definitely does not like the new BMW X6M! A few days ago we saw him slamming one of these cars and giving it a funny look in the name tuning. Now look what he’s done. He’s chopped the roof of the high-performance SUV and turned it into a Cabriolet.

We have to say though, BMW X6M Convertible is a far better idea than the malarkey that was the tuned model. Still, we can see why a lot of people would hate it. The new X6M, God bless it, is not really a looker. With the roof gone it becomes even more unsightly than before. And the canvas roof the designer is proposing for it will only makes things worse.

Regardless of the looks, a BMW X6M Convertible would not work as a concept because drop-top SUVs never do. The last serious effort to make an open-top utility vehicle was the godawful Nissan Murano Crossdresser, or whatever it was called, and it ended up bringing the manufacturer nothing but blood and tear.

And we are not yet done poking holes! The new BMW X6M has over 570 horsepower and a serious turn of speed. Imagine what that can do to your hair up there…

Rendering by X-Tomi Design

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