/First Look: Mercedes GLE Coupe in the Flesh

First Look: Mercedes GLE Coupe in the Flesh

Mercedes GLE live 0 600x432 at First Look: Mercedes GLE Coupe in the Flesh

These are the first shots of the all-new Mercedes GLE Coupe in full production guise, in the real world. The car was spotted resting under the rain, looking… well, not as good as we were hoping to be honest. It looks fat and ungainly.

When the BMW X6 first came out, it looked every bit as dramatic and interesting as was promised by the press pictures. It was a totally new design and it managed to cause quite a stir. It still does.

With the Mercedes GLE though, maybe it’s because we are used to this body shape, but it just doesn’t look as striking as you’d expect. It looks like an M-Class that has had more than its fair share of pies. We are not calling the GLE ugly; that’d be ridiculous and pointless, as beauty is completely subjective. Maybe we were expecting too much of a tried, tested, and worn out idea.

We shouldn’t forget that there is a Mercedes GLE 63 AMG variant still to be spotted on the flesh. That could be a totally different beast, as it comes with its own bespoke bumpers and wheels and styling details. Fingers crossed that one will be more exhilarating.

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