/Gallery: Ferrari FF Slammed on ADV1 Wheels

Gallery: Ferrari FF Slammed on ADV1 Wheels

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You would think that a car like Ferrari which is expensive, exotic, and pretty much perfect, may rarely be the subject of tuning treatments such as wrapping and slamming. But in the real world the opposite of this is true. A lot of Ferrari owners like to fiddle with their cars and customize them in more ways than one.

This Ferrari FF lowered on a set of exquisite ADV1 wheels is one such car. Well, we say lowered, but the car is practically slammed on those wheels, making an irony out of the whole concept of the FF.

You see, Ferrari created the FF with the intention for it to be the most practical super car in the world. That is why it has an overcomplicated four-whee-drive system, a huge boot, and enough ground clearance to allow you to safety drive it on dirt, snow, or ice. What these guys have done here is pretty much ruining all that practicality by fitting large wheels – 21-inch up front, 22-inch out back – and low suspension.

That said, we are not complaining. Ferrari FF looks a lot better slammed than in normal guise. Granted, the car is not a natural looker like the F12 or the 458. But at least now it has a more aggressive stance and a bolder presence. And come to think of it, messing around with a Ferrari and customizing it is a very cool thing to do!

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