/Gallery: Kahn McLaren SLR Roadster

Gallery: Kahn McLaren SLR Roadster

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Call this throw back wednesday if you want, but you don’t need a reason to check out a Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster, especially one garnished with custom Kahn Design Wheels. We’ve seen Kahn-tweaked SLRs before, but this one is something rather special.

The left-hand-drive McLaren SLR Roadster is part of Kahn Automobiles exotic car showroom now, and it features a set of 22-inch Kahn RS-XF wheels which give it an even more exclusive look.

Even though it’s a 15-year old design, Mercedes McLaren SLR Roadster is still one of the hottest looking super cars in the world, and also one of the most coveted. When it was launched the SLR was, to all intents and purposes, the first true super car that you could use everyday. The car has an automatic gearbox and a supple ride, and a boot big enough for golf bags.

But don’t let those creature comforts fool you into thinking the SLR is lust a glorified SL. There is  5.5 liters of supercharged fury  under the bonnet that beg to differ. With an output of 620 horsepower and a soundtrack that can start earthquakes, the SLR is no soft pudding. It’s a sledgehammer!

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