/Golden Range Rover on 24” Vellano Wheels

Golden Range Rover on 24” Vellano Wheels

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Miami-based tuner MC Customs has developed a strong affinity for gold cars recently. After wrapping this CLS in a shiny gold chrome foil, they have now come up with this golden Range Rover which sits on a set of equally vulgar Vellano VRH Concave wheels.

The design of the wheels is not that ostentatious, but the size they’ve gone for totally is. 24-inch wheels are fine for a Hummer, or an Escalade, but the Range Rover is way too elegant and dignified for such treatment. But hey, they like’em like this down in Miami. Turns out too much sun does affect your sense of style!

To be honest thoguh it wouldn’t matter if they’d put 30” wheels on this golden Range Rover because it was spoiled anyway by that wrap. Again, the RR is not the kind of the car that lends itself easily to such a look, but they force fed it to the car and they seem pretty happy with the results.

Given the fact that the main goal all gold wraps is to make the car pop and attract more attention and not to make to make it actually look better, what MC Customs has done here is kind of justifiable. That said, drawing a gentleman’s sausage on the side of your car attracts attention too. That doesn’t mean you should do it! 

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