/Jay Leno’s In-Depth Review of 1971 Citroen DS

Jay Leno’s In-Depth Review of 1971 Citroen DS

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The mere sight of a classic Citroen DS is enough to make every petrolhead feel an uncontrollable trembling in the knees. So you can imagine what we felt like when we saw this pristine 1971 DS at Jay Leno’s Garage. This is definitely one of the most interesting episode of JLG.

Besides delivering an in-depth review of this gorgeous 1971 Citroen DS, Jay Leno also shows us the very quirky side of Citroen by revealing some of their weirdest advertisements.

Even today the Citroen DS comes across as a highly technical, innovative and ingenious car. We cannot even begin to comprehend what kind of mind thought of all these amazing features back in the 70s. This car has a central hydraulic system for the brakes, suspension, and steering. It has active swiveling headlights. And a smooth as silk engine. It is utterly wonderful; one of the very best automobiles ever made, period.

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