/Geneva Preview: VW Passat CC Concept

Geneva Preview: VW Passat CC Concept

VW Passat CC Concept 1 600x357 at Geneva Preview: VW Passat CC Concept

Volkswagen was one of the first companies to challenge the Mercedes CLS when it was first introduced with a four-door coupe of their own – the Passat CC. The car belongs to a class three or four levels lower than the CLS, but it has been successful enough for VW to keep at it and updating it every once in a while. This is the latest VW Passat CC, set for debut in concept form at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

As with the previous generations of the Passat CC, the new model is only slightly updated in terms of styling in the sense that they just took the good features of the existing model, made them a bit better, and there’s your lot. It is a good looking car though, and a pretty good alternative to the CLS and Audi A7 is you can’t afford those two.

The new VW Passat CC Concept also previews the firm’s new corporate look with the larger and bolder front grille and fancier headlights, along with a whole host of LED lights. Of course some of the features, like the giant wheels and swollen wheel arches, are just there for the sake of the show and won’t make into production.

The Geneva-bound VW Passat CC Concept is powered by a petrol-electric hybrid and four-wheel-drive. The chance of this system being offered in the production version is 50/50.

VW Passat CC Concept 2 600x302 at Geneva Preview: VW Passat CC Concept

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