/Rendering: BMW M2 Gran Tourer

Rendering: BMW M2 Gran Tourer

BMW M2 Gran Tourer 1 600x370 at Rendering: BMW M2 Gran Tourer

In an attempt to make the new BMW 2 Series Grand Tourer look tolerable, our favorite Photoshop guru X-Tomi Design has come up with this virtual BMW M2 Gran Tourer. What he’s done is apply some M design elements to the unsightly appearance of the seven-seat MPV.

Tomi’s attempt has been a successful one, as his BMW M2 Gran Tourer is a helluva lot nicer looking than the original car. Still, it is not what you call pretty or desirable. There is just something fundamentally wrong with the design of the 2 Series Grand Tourer that no amount of M goodness can fix.

And it’s not just the looks where the 2er deviated from the established BMW traditions. The car is an MPV, and even worse, it’s front-wheel-drive. This car really is BMW’s darkest hour, and we don’t care how practical or good to drive it is. It’s ugly, it’s ungainly, and it’s seriously uncool. What’s more, it’s a BMW, which means it is also pretty expensive too.

So we don’t like this BMW M2 Gran Tourer, but we are all for the idea of a sporty and hot MPV. These cars are the accountants of the auto world, dull and uninteresting but very useful to the society. Having a hotted-up MPV is like having a hot, voluptuous accountant. And who doesn’t like that!

BMW M2 Gran Tourer 2 600x388 at Rendering: BMW M2 Gran Tourer

Rendering by X-Tomi Design

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