/Teddy Bear on Lamborghini Has Become a Trend!

Teddy Bear on Lamborghini Has Become a Trend!

lambo teddy bear 1 600x531 at Teddy Bear on Lamborghini Has Become a Trend!

A few weeks ago we saw a DMC Lamborghini Aventador in China adorned with a huge teddy bear, just for funsies. Little did the guy knew what he started would soon turn into a trend. Well, in China at least. This guy here actually took the ‘Teddy Bear on Lamborghini’ thing to whole new level by adding a third item to the whole shenanigan: proposing to his girlfriend on Valentine’s day.

Now even without the bear and the Lambo this story already is touching enough to warrant a Katherine Heigl movie. But the teddy bear on the Lamborghini Gallardo adds to the significance of the occasion, simply because this teddy is even larger than the one on that DMC Aventador. Can’t wait to see the next teddy on Lambo. It is going to be huuuuge!


To be honest though we think the teddy bear was a bit of an overkill here. I mean the guy owns a Lamborghini, and he has, by the look of things, bought a huge engagement diamond ring for the girl. She was going to say yes anyway. But there is no denying the bear adds a nice touch. So if you’re also planning to propose to your partner and looking for an awesome engagement ring, try here to find the perfect one! The only worry is that this trend might spawn copycats, and since not everyone can afford a Lambo, we will probably see things like stuffed rabbit on Subaru, or mule on a Toyota… not ideal for marriage proposal, perhaps, but pretty funny to look at.

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