/2015 Caterham Seven Gets Three New Models

2015 Caterham Seven Gets Three New Models

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The legendary Caterham Seven is one of those cars whose makers have a really though time upgrading. The car has an established iconic look which is its party piece and therefore can’t be heavily altered, but somehow they have to make it more appealing and desirable to keep the sales afloat.

For the 2015 Caterham Seven the engineers did so by introducing three new versions of the sports car. The Seven 270, 360 and 420 go on sale in the UK at the same time, joining the entry-level Seven 160 and the supercharged 620R, bringing the total variants of the car you can order to five plus the new ‘S’ or ‘R’ equipment packages.

As for the specs and details of the new Caterham Seven models, basically, the bigger the number, the more horsepower you get. So the 270 is only slightly more powerful than the 160, packing a 1.6 liter engine with 135 horsepower. The 360 gets the same 2.0 Ford Duratec power unit as Caterham’s flagship R300 race cars rated at 180 hp, and the 420 benefits from a 210 horsepower version of the same unit. The rest of the cars are typical Seven, which means there isn’t much to talk about expect a cabin full of weather and leather, two seats, and a steering wheel.

2015 Caterham Seven Specs and Pricing:

Model RRP Power
Speed (MPH)
Seven 160 £18,995 80 6.9 secs 100
Seven 270 £22,995  135 5.0 secs 122
Seven 360 £26,995 180 4.8 secs 130
Seven 420 £29,995 210 4.0 secs 136
Seven 620 £49,995 310 2.8 secs 155

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