/Abu Dhabi Gets Another BMW i8 Individual

Abu Dhabi Gets Another BMW i8 Individual

BMW i8 Individual AD 0 600x400 at Abu Dhabi Gets Another BMW i8 Individual

It was in the news recently that BMW is boosting the production of the i8, especially the Individual models, to keep up with the demand. By the looks of things, Abu Dhabi Motors is snatching every BMW i8 Individual they make, leaving nothing for Europe and America!

Speaking of which, here’s another BMW i8 Individual now available at the BMW showroom of Abu Dhabi Motors. It’s a good one too, boasting a super unique two-tone paint job of metallic grey and yellow ‘i’ accents. These parts are normally blue to emphasize the i8’s eco credentials. But on this individual model they are painted a gold-ish yellow which is very eye-catching.

As much as like the paint work on this BMW i8 Individual, we have to say the wheels and the interior aren’t really on the par with the exterior. The wheels are standard i8, i.e. very ugly, and the interior is also stock, which is not good going on an Individual car. What’s more, it’s a white leather interior which doesn’t match the exterior color one bit.

BMW i8 hybrid sports car is considered as a marvel of 21st century engineering, even though it is flawed and not as good as they promised it would be. If you want this car to do the 90 or 100 mpg BMW claims, you have to plug it in every single night. Leaving the car’s own brain to decide when to charge the batteries using its combustion engine will result in a sharp drop in fuel economy figures, down to the low thirties.

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