/Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Gets a Sick Promo

Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Gets a Sick Promo

Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Design 2 600x372 at Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Gets a Sick Promo

Among the sea of virtual concepts released in the past few months for the Gran Turismo 6 video game, only a handful stand out as works of true art. Alpine Vision Gran Turismo is without a question one of them, and the video you are about to see explains why.

For most car makers designing a Vision Gran Turismo car was, understandably, a low priority job which they assigned to their low-level designers and in some case apprentices. But Alpine doesn’t really have much going on right now, so they put the whole might of the company behind the project, and it shows.

The design of Alpine Vision Gran Turismo combines “nods to the past with extremely modern aerodynamics” according to its designers, who drew inspiration, in part, from comic strip super heroes.

Designer Terry Baillon comments: “the concept car is a link between the competition Alpine A450b and what would be a 21st-century berlinetta. In terms of performance, it’s in between the LMP2 and a production sports car.”

Alpine Vision Gran Turismo is available to download for free with the Gran Turismo 6 game exclusively on PlayStation3.

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