/Dubai Police BMW i8 Reports for Duty

Dubai Police BMW i8 Reports for Duty

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The government, or maybe we should say the ruling family, of Dubai has set no limits for the city’s Police force is expanding their lineup of exotic patrol cars. In fact, with all the attention these cars are getting, they are probably encouraging the force to buy more cars, hence the addition of Dubai Police BMW i8 to the fleet.

Wrapped in the Force’s official livery, Dubai Police BMW i8 brings with it a touch of environment-friendliness to the collection as it is the first hybrid in there. The rest of Dubai Police super cars are power-crazed monsters with big V8s and V12s, and in the case of their Veyron, a W16!

Not that they can brag much about the i8’s economy to the press. Turns out if you want this car to the 100+ mpg BMW claims, you have plug it in every night. Left to its own devices and relying on the petrol engine to charge its batteries, the car can barely does 40 mpg. Still, it’s not like DP is going to use this car very often. Like everything else in their fleet, it is just a showpiece.

Dubai Police BMW i8 is one of the coolest cars these guys have bought so far, which is ironic, because it is also one of the cheapest. Can’t wait to see what their next acquisition will be.

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