/Haters Gonna Hate, But the Huracan Is Beautiful!

Haters Gonna Hate, But the Huracan Is Beautiful!

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Since the first day it was introduced, Lamborghini Huracan has been under fire, mostly from fanatical people who are opposed to anything new, because apparently it is not good-looking enough for them. I’m sorry, but anyone blessed with the gift of sight will concur this car is mega hot.

Granted, this particular Huracan is lowered and fitted with a set of ultra sexy wheels which make a nice contrast with the color of the body. And, come to think of it, those red brake calipers also play a major part in giving this car its sheer hotness. But if that’s all it takes to turn the Huracan from a good-looking machine into a bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful work of art, the base design must have been something good to begin with.

Some say that Lamborghini has played it safe with the Huracan and toned down the crazy in the design of the new car, because if they hadn’t sales would have suffered. That is true, but it’s not at all a bad thing. What some Lambo fans don’t realize is the company needs to survive in order to make those insane-looking machines they love so much. And if that means cutting back on intoxicants and sobering up a little, so be it.

Now, those of you with a good memory have already recognized this baby bull as the Hyperforged Lamborghini Huracan we have featured once before. The tuner has just released these unmissable pictures of the car and they serve as a reminder just because this car doesn’t look as crazy as the Aventador doesn’t mean it is not beautiful and desirable. By the way, the wheels are HyperForged HF-LC5 in sizes 20-inch up from and 21-inch out back.

Lamborghini should just “shake off” the negative comments and maybe come up with some nicer wheels for the standard car!

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