/Free CBT Course for UK’s Motorcyclists To Be

Free CBT Course for UK’s Motorcyclists To Be

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For a lot of people getting their driver’s license is an arduous and stressful process.  It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to driving, or have come to it an someone who already knows how to drive now just want to make it official. For the first group there is all the training and evaluations, and for the second group the exams and everything that that entails. And of course there is the cost. This is doubly hard for motorcycle learners, as training isn’t readily available and is often quite pricey. But there is a way…

Bennetts, a British motorcycle specialist, has come up with a cool new campaign that gets you a full 90 free CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) courses in preparation for your motorcycle license. This course covers everything from information on how to get started; which motorcycle kit to choose; trusted reviews on security products; guidance on what bikes to buy and how to pick a good one. So a complete package, then, for those who are just starting off riding, or those experienced riders looking to hone their skills and make those skills test ready. This is all brilliant, of course, but the keyword here, and the reason you should be interested in it, is “Free.”

Before we tell you about how to get the free lesson and send you on your way to become a licensed motorcycle rider, let us elaborate a bit on these 90 free CBT courses. This is part of Bennett’s new ‘Ride Free’ campaign designed to enable and encourage more people to experience the benefits two wheels can offer. With congestion all over UK getting worse and worse by the day, switching from four wheels to two is seen by many an a viable solution. Bikes are always a faster means of transportation around crowded cities as they are able to zig and zag their way through traffic. They are also looked at favorably by the environmentalist as they are small, light and therefore massively more fuel efficient than even the most frugal car. Perhaps most important of all, at least for Londoners, is parking space which is more numerous and a lot cheaper for motorcycles.

As for how to get your free course, the video below explains it best:

Former Team GB Olympic snowboarder, Aimee Fuller – who passed her CBT six years ago – will be the independent judge for the campaign, making the final call on the 90 people who will receive a free CBT place. Aimee Fuller said: “There’s never been a better argument for motorcycling as a safe way to get around, but there’s so much that motorcycling offers aside from just a socially-distant alternative to public transport.

 “Living in London, motorcycling has provided me with an efficient form of transport. But away from the city, riding gives me the perfect outlet to de-stress – going for a ride is an amazing way to clear your head. But it’s not all about riding solo, gaining my full licence has introduced me to an amazing community. With Ride Free, Bennetts have created a platform to help people go from watchers to riders – so get involved and see you on the road!”


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