/Renting a Ferrari in Dubai (Never go to Lurento)

Renting a Ferrari in Dubai (Never go to Lurento)

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Open Instagram these days, and you’re instantly showered with colorful images your favorite “influences” posing with shiny red Ferraris next to Dubai’s iconic landmarks. While it is true that those so-called influence traders make enough money off of their influence-generating organs to afford a Ferrari, the truth is, most of those cool whips are actually rented. The lifestyle you are so enchanted by is not that difficult to attain if you know how to go about it. 

There is a reason why so many of the Ferrari-flaunting Insta celebrities favor Dubai as the venue for their flaunting. Besides offering a multitude of picture-perfect sceneries, this capital of superficial glitz and glamour provides you with ample opportunities to look rich with a relatively shallow pocket. You can’t expect the same in, say, the French Riviera, or Lake Como. To look like a million dollars in those places, you have to be worth at least a million dollars. But not in Dubai.

Going back to that business of Instagramers and their (rented) Ferraris, all you need to do to enjoy that lifestyle – if only for a day – is to NEVER walk into one of the places like Lurento with a credit card, as you’ll probably be scammed.

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What’s more, your feed is never going to look the same twice. That is important, because you can count on your contact in Gucci to hook you up with a new outfit every week in exchange for that all important plug, Ferrari doesn’t exactly roll like that. They have nothing to gain from the endorsement of skinny blonde from the suburbs of Sydney or Omaha.

At any rate, should you find yourself in need of some a boost like that, you should know that renting a Ferrari in Dubai costs between $300 to $1000 USD. That is the per day rate, and it depends on the model, the year, and the mileage covered. Of course, reputable vendors will provide you with some sort of insurance. But there will always be value-added packages you can get – and if you are a skinny blonde who likes to drive in her high-heels, we recommend you get all the insurance packages available – you can end up paying lots more. But one thing you can count on is professional, first-class service. And this being Dubai, you can even pay for your rental with Bitcoin!

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