/Kahn Flying Huntsman 6×6 Spotted at Geneva

Kahn Flying Huntsman 6×6 Spotted at Geneva

Flying Huntsman 6x6 Gen 0 600x425 at Kahn Flying Huntsman 6x6 Spotted at Geneva

Following a fairly quiet preview, Kahn Design unveiled a new member of their highly bespoke ‘coach-built’ family in form of the Flying Huntsman 6×6. Basically a six-wheeled version of the normal Huntsman, the 6×6 is the ultimate expression of what a Land Rover Defender can be.

Compared to normal model, the Flying Huntsman 6×6 boasts one extra axle, two extra wheels, and a full 1,200 mm extra length, of which 800 mm is added to the cabin and 400 mm to the bonnet.


Stretching the bonnet has been a necessary change as the Flying Huntsman 6×6 is powered by a beefy 6.2-litre GM LS3 V8 engine developing 430 horsepower. You are mistaken if you think this vehicle is all show and no go. Thanks to a whole host of off-road gear, the Huntsman may well be as capable in dealing with rough ground as the mighty Mercedes G63 6×6. Kahn has added to this car a six-speed automatic gearbox, a hi-lo ratio drive system and locking differentials, and off-road suspension, as well as uprated brakes to keep this massive beast in check.

Upon request, Kahn can also armour the Flying Huntsman 6×6 and 4×4 and equip them with a lavishly equipped cabin and all sort of luxury stuff you may fancy. But whatever you do, do not change that awesome matte black paint job:

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