/Trailer: BMW M3 in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Trailer: BMW M3 in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

Mission Impossible Rouge Nation Trialer 600x281 at Trailer: BMW M3 in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

You are probably fed up to the back teeth with this whole barrage of action films with preposterous plots and ridiculous stunts coming out this year. But you still watch them for the stars, guns, explosions, girls, and of course, cars. On that basis, make sure you watch the new Tom Cruise movie Mission Impossible Rogue Nation.

The reason to watch this film, probably the only good reason, is because BMW M3 has a starring role in it. The car is like one of those heroes who get beaten up a lot in the movie, but in the end contributes to the triumph of the forces of good. It is kind of sick that it is so much fun to watch fancy cars get crushed!

BMW and Mission Impossible have a long history, kind of like Mercedes and Jurassic Park. In the previous MI flick they used a BWM i8 concept. In the new movie the production version will appear as the guest star, while a bunch of M3s and BMW motorbikes get demolished. As for the movie itself, well, Tom Cruise saves the world all on his own. That is about the gist of it.

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